Thursday, April 23, 2009

live where you are, not where you'll be...

No matter where you are, if you are the Lords, then you are the Lords...

Life is not meant to be lived in the days of tomorrow. it is meant to be filled with the moments of now. you can not live in china while you are still on Hot Springs Rd. Though you may be called to go to such a land, you are first called to LIVE!

Be about your Father's business... His business is LOVE. if you ever wish to find the treasures of your calling in latter days, learn to seek them now. Cherish the intimacy available to you with your Saviour, and lavish the overflowing love on all that are around you.

For how can you truly love those whom you have not seen, if you can't love those that you have seen? Yes, i encourage you to keep the burden that is given to you for a land in need, but do not let that burden consume you. it is a blessing from the Lord to experience such a love, but if not kept in its place, it may deprive others of all that the Lord has given you for the "now" and in turn, deprive you of the testimony the Lord desires to build in your life.

You are where you are, and you are the Lords. You do not live for a calling, but for the One who has called. Seek His face, so yours may shine and bring Him glory.


  1. Daniel, thank you for your posts! They have blessed me greatly. I think the title of this post and your previous statement about focusing on the Planner, not the plans are what really hit home with me. God has put me in a place where I THINK I might know where to move to next, but I only KNOW that for today I am to trust Him and follow Him for my current duties. I'd love to know where I'm going next, but God has chosen not to make it absolutely clear. I know now isn't the time, so I am focusing on living for Him TODAY, and trusting that He will put me where He wants me tomorrow. I am very fond of plans. I rethink any major plans I make many, many times--but right now I have to let God be my appointment-setter (after all, we call them divine appointments). I'm finding that as I let go and let God lead, it's the blessed road. I don't have to battle the stress and fear that I have anytime I make major plans.