Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my apologies... and my shot list

let me begin with i'm sorry. i've allowed too much time to slip away from my fingers. the days have been long a weary at some points, short and sweet at others, and yet the Lord has found a way to stay the same amidst them all.
please forgive me for not posting as often as i once was, or would like to for that matter. there is much to tell and little time to do it in. so i will have to overlook my first desire in scripting out everything for you, and compromise it with a list.

1. i have found a job. i work in a restaurant/coffee shop/bar called "B&O Espresso"

2. i am currently serving in two youth groups. i love these groups so much, and am beyond blessed to have them in my life.

3. i've found a love for bars
-to better explain, i have met many people that i have been able to build relationships with and preach the gospel to. not just once, but many times over. the Lord has opened doors to love on the people who love the darkness(please keep me in prayer)

4. i love the gay community
-i work in a job where i am the only straight man working the floor. i love all my co-workers very much. they have grown near and dear to my heart, and i am grateful that the Lord has allowed me the opportunity to love them with His love(really, please keep me in prayer)

5. i love my Jesus. more and more i am learning to be more than a conqueror in Him. when things are falling around me, He permits me to sing, "you will never let me go" When i know the world is standing against me for the truth i hold in my heart it only beckons me to say, "i love You, i need You" a heart of worship has been the gift received from the Lord, and the offering given from me.

That will have to end the list. Times have been hard but God has been faithful. the face that i LIVE in seattle is still taking a toll on me. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter... Seattle! all holidays and birthdays are here in the pacific northwest.

My encouragement to you all is to remember that heaven is your home, no where on this earth. i know that for me, i have no desire to take root anywhere on this earth. i am a tree and Jesus is my source of water, i will be planted by Him and Him alone, wherever that may be. work unto Him and not unto man, that you may store up all riches in heaven.

I apologize, i must go. this will have to suffice for now. until next time. (SOON) I love you all and am blessed to have you in my life.

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