Tuesday, May 26, 2009

take your heart...

I apologize that it has been so long since my last post... there has been much to do and even more to think about. i hadn't decided what to write until now, and my words have come to this...

Rise up.

Family, i would be speaking out of hypocrisy if i didn't first BEG for your prayers on my behalf in this exhortation. For i am in desperate need of them. The Lord has declared that He desires a generation to seek His face, to lift their eyes and behold the King of Glory. I know that we are not the first generation to receive such a call, nor do i think, if time permits, we shall be the last. Yet still, we are here NOW. Our God desires to use each and every one of us for a mighty work to bring Him glory. but the question still remains, "will we rise up to meet it?"

God has clearly saw fit to send such an invitation, meaning He knows that we are able. make no mistake, i do not say that we can do this on our own. But God has clearly stated that He is strong and able to do such a work THROUGH us. But still, is our heart willing?

I know that my heart is not. Mine cowers in fear, in doubt, in selfishness, and most of all-- in hypocrisy. There is a man that still breaths so long as i give him breath, so long as i allow his old heart to pulse blood through, he will live. i know i'm a failure, i know i am, and i wish i weren't... sin... it's painful, its discouraging, its embarrassing, it RIPS me apart, everyone of us from the inside out! BUT GOD... He has chosen to simply say, "I know, just repent and let's move on."

Why do you think that we are constantly reminded in scripture to SEEK HIS FACE? because God knows that we so often have our gaze upon ourselves, our own failures, our own anything! God wants us to see JESUS, because in that place where our eyes are fixed on self, we can't see the fullness of grace that is ours to hold. We can't see Him, His love, His mercy, His eagerness to forgive... We must not be distracted by us, we must allow our eyes to be lifted by grace and LOOK fully into the face of our King of Glory.

It is only by this that we can rise up... Our God desires US, He is jealous for US. Not for what we can do, but for who we are. Yet, in spite of who we are, He desires us to be a part of his plan, to partake of the good works HE has set before us. Please family, let us bring our hearts to the Lord. Taking any and everything that hinders it from being fully his, and let us look into His face. For when we see His beauty, we will no longer need to beg, "Lord take this from me..." For when we see Him for who He is, we will see our hearts rightly, and we will together wonder why we held onto them, as they were, for so long.

To be clear, out God wants to do something incredible in this time that we are living. Simply meditate on that, and now consider the fact that He wants us to be actively involved. Something bigger than i could ever explain is coming, its going to be waiting for us. Will we rise up to meet it? May we raise our eyes and see His face, may we become a generation that seeks Him fully.


  1. Hey, that sounds like 2 Cor. 3:18! :)

  2. Daniel, Hard to keep up with all you guys, but I enjoy watching you go and grow. God bless you young man - hope to see you sometime before the rapture!!!Gordon B.

  3. Dude what an awsome post. God loves you dealry man as he loves all of his children. Stay strong in the Lord my friend!