Tuesday, May 19, 2009

not just when , but how...

In life, we look for, and love "check points," markers in life to let us know that we are on the "right track". i caution all of us to truly take into account what it means when this life of "check points" is carried out to its end.

Please know that God is intimately concerned and involved with where you are going and when you will get there, but something that He is just as concerned with, is HOW you get there.

Sometimes in life, we go through a season where the "check points" are easy to identify. we know what they are and when they will arrive, but because of this, we grow lazy. because we know exactly when the current chapter of our life will end, we don't care whats written on the pages leading to the event. God does not share this mentality. I know and understand that it gets weary running the race, but there is a reason Paul exclaims, "i have fought the GOOD fight! i have FINISHED the race!" We MUST look at HOW we are fighting and HOW we are running. truly, by the scale of time, we cannot bring the markers in life any closer to us, but our God is outside of such limits and desires that all of our lives be in CONSTANT surrender.

I have just arrived in seattle, and have only been here for two days time, but i have already learned a great deal about myself and my Lord. i owe it all to God's grace and willingness to speak to me at ALL times. i was recently ill, as some of you know. i began to get sick the week i was planning to set off to seattle. KNOWING that this was spiritual attack from the enemy, many loved ones and i immediately went into prayer. my symptoms grew worse as the week progressed, and eventually grew to be the worst (or so i thought) thursday night. after a night of the worst sleep i could imagine(or lack thereof) i was sent off at 4:30am with love and prayer to seattle(thanks girsl). half way through i made my way into Red Bluff, where i was welcomed with love and open arms. however, my symptoms continued to grow more and more severe. i ended up sleeping at the Ferguson home friday night, and remained there all of saturday, being tended to by a very loving family. sunday morning, ONLY by God's grace, i woke up refreshed and ready. I felt incredible! a total miracle of the Lord! i got in my car and finished the trip that day.

Now family, here is the HOW that i am so concerned with. i KNEW in all certainty that my God was going to heal me. but i also know that He was testing me. i praise my Jesus that by His grace through my sickness i did nothing more than seek his face and sit at his feet! it was such a blessed season and an amazing time to prepare for what was in store. as i sought the Lord in my illness i began to see things about myself that the Lord saw fit to remove. and by His grace, (i know, ALL 'by His grace') those things that once were, are no longer!

I was going to make it to seattle either way, i was going to be healed eventually, but God was concerned with HOW i was running! was i running by my own ability, or was i running in a constant limp, where everything is dependent on His grace and love?

The Lord has not merely brought me to a new place to reside, but he has brought me to a new place in Him. i pray that we all continually take into account HOW we are running. do not stop being faithful simply because you can "see" your next turn. I urge you, keep pressing into Your Jesus, because He so longs to press into you.

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  1. Mmm, very timely as the Lord has just today reminded/asked me who's power I am operating under... "I am being tested" is a very good thing to remember, though proven may be a better word than tested... Love you my friend :)