Tuesday, May 12, 2009

saying goodbye...

"love one another, as i have loved you..." Words uttered from the lips of a man not just leaving, but going... going, to his death.

I now hold a better understanding as to why Christ said what he said, LOVE. there is no greater commandment than to love. as i make ready to leave, in what seems like moments, i want to leave behind LOVE. I pray that i have been faithful in all things, but most of all in love. in loving my God, my brothers and sisters, and those i may have only been able to afford a smile. i leave a charge, pleading that those who are either remaining or going-- LOVE. Please, love one another as i have loved you. i pray that my love has not been a love that falters under circumstances, that allows bitterness to go unconfessed, that permits division to find its way into the body, but has been the true love of Christ. Love one another as Christ has loved us...

Family! We are a FAMILY and Christ is for ALL of us! there can be no division in this house. i beg you, put petty comments aside, let immature gestures be forgiven, and may love cover the multitude of sin. we disable ourselves when we allow our pride to rule our hearts. maybe we have been "wronged," but how much more did we wrong Jesus, and how much more did He have to forgive? Family, do not harden your heart to this truth, and do not seek to find justification for the anger that wells up inside you. See the cross and be humbled by its love, and in that humility, see Jesus, and His ability to love us. for family, we are the ones that are truly undeserving of the redeeming love that comes from God. may such a love transform our hearts, and cause us to have grace, mercy, compassion, and forgiveness...

Still, saying goodbye is more than just leaving, its going. Christ didn't just leave one with the charge, He continued to walk in it and carried His-- OUR cross, to Golgotha! where they crucified Him.

And now, i am blessed to go to a place where i will learn more about carrying my cross. I will find new riches in the love of my Jesus, as i live the life that He lived... A life of love. In denying myself, taking up my cross, and following after Him, i will go deeper. i will discover new levels of intimacy and further explore the heights and widths of His never ending love.

All this love He has stored up, waiting for me. waiting for me to come into that place where i can receive it. as he does for all of us. may we all put ourselves in that place where we can be loved, and in turn love one another as he loves us.


  1. Mmm... Well written as always. You will be missed. But like we decided last night, a max of around 60 years and we'll be in heaven and there'll be plenty of time to catch up then!

  2. daniel, i love you. You have no Idea how God used this in my life at this very moment.

  3. Oh it's alyanna by the way. I'm totally following your blogs, they're so encouraging! By the way where are you going??
    I'm doing a mission trip to delhi this summer, I'm leaving in about 2 weeks, I'm so nervous.
    Your blog is so incredible.
    I've been asking myself over and over, "what does it mean to die to self?" and this really helps me dissect my collection of thoughts along with what God is putting in my life.