Tuesday, May 5, 2009

yes, our spirit does cry out...

My family, we have victory... with arms extended high it is clinched in our fist. Just as David had slain Goliath and attributed the victory unto all of Israel, so did Jesus conquer sin and death and grant us the prize! But do not forget, that though we fight from victory, that does not mean we do not fight at all...

Too often do i give in to the old man. The new man is desperate to draw breath, yet so often i suffocate him. i drown him in the waters of my own sin, sorrows and self-indulgences. He is yearning to live! To walk in the light as he has been fashioned to do. To bring glory to the Father in heaven. To proclaim the name and victory in the gospel of Jesus! That is the SPIRIT that rose Christ from the grave! THAT VERY SAME SPIRIT LIVES IN ME!!! It LIVES in US! and yet daily, i deny its power, daily!

I don't want that! I want him to live. i want the flesh to be that of the past. instead of giving him a feast for every meal, feeding him with my selfishness as he laughs at my guilt for doing such. I long to starve him. To make him so weak and weary that he would have no way in moving me. I want the bread of life to fill me. the pure living water to be what satisfies me. i want to run to my God when i hunger or thirst and trust He will satisfy my everything!

I'm tired of it. I'm tired of forgetting to fight! In times of trial, temptation, warfare... Do i fight? and when i do, do i fight in the flesh or in the Spirit? Yes, i know what it is to take hold of the victory that is given me in the time of battle and see it through... but i also know, all too well, the pain of loss, of defeat. to give in to the enemy's schemes. to grieve the heart of my God, and uplift the roar of the devil himself. I ask it would no longer be so, but that by His grace and mercy He would daily carry me in His love and wrap me in His full armor.

Are we not tired? Do we enjoy the despair and depression that comes with the weight of sin? Are we taking pleasure in the song that is sung by the shackles of this world? Why Christian? Why do we rebuild those things that Christ has destroyed!

Live in the freedom that you have been given! We are loved! No longer do we have to sell ourselves, comfort ourselves, with the mocking merchants of sin. No longer do we have to carry the stench of flesh! Family, we are brought into glory, we are the aroma of Christ. We were dead but now are alive! If Christ can conquer all, can He not conquer your sin? Can he not heal you of the hurt it has brought you? Can he not mend the heart so that it beats in rhythm with His own? He is Messiah! Saviour! GOD! And He loves you.

Family, let us no longer be tossed and turned, defeated by the powers of darkness, but let us take into account what God has done, and IS doing in our lives. Let the Lord search our hearts and expose any wickedness within, that we may be led into the way everlasting!

Let us fight the good fight, let us finish the race, let us keep the faith.

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  1. Oh if only we would come to understand how much Christ loves us! That we would draw near to him and allow him to conform our hearts to his. Your a good man my friend I will keep you in my prayers, Fight the Good Fight!